Friday, November 7, 2014

Happy Friday Everyone!
This week was an extremely busy week in 2C!

Happy Birthday River!  River was our Star Student today, and she also celebrated her 7th birthday earlier in the week.  I always learn new and interesting things about students on their star student day when they show and share items that are important to them, as well as give a presentation on themselves.  We have such a special class, and I love learning more about their likes and interests, as well as learning about their families, hobbies, and places they have visited.
We attended a Remembrance Day Assembly in the gym this morning and it ran so smoothly.  I was so proud of all the students who came into the gym so quietly and listened attentively to the presentation.  It is important to remember the brave men and women who fought and served for our country and who continue to serve.  In our classroom this week we had a great discussion about what it means to be Canadian and why we are proud of our country.

There are a few very important dates coming up for November:

November 10 & 11—No School for Fall Break
November 14—Report Cards sent home
November 17 - Health Clinic Visit and Lesson
November 18 - Teddy Bear Day - 8:30am Spirit Assembly.  Wear your Pyjamas to School!
November 20 pm and 21 all day—Parent Teacher Interviews. No school.  Parents please sign up for your conference time online through the MMH main page for a time that suits you.
November 24 - Story Teller visit 9:30am.
November 28-Star Student Aiden!
December 5-Star Student Reese!
December 11—Christmas Gala
December 12-Star Student Marah!
December 18th - Skating Activity at Nicolas Sheran Skating Rink.  All students need helmets.
December 19—Last day before Christmas holidays.  Spirit Assembly: Dress Up Like A Christmas Tree!  

Have a wonderful well-deserved long weekend everyone!  See you again on Wednesday, November 12th.

Miss Lilley

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