Wednesday, June 17, 2015

We have just over one week of school left! Holy moly!  This year has just FLOWN by!

This week we had a successful sports day on Tuesday.  We were lucky to have a beautiful HOT day outside.  It was perfect for an elementary school sports/ fun day!

This morning we went swimming as a class for our last field trip.  What a fun day we had together!

We are wrapping things up here at school!  A few upcoming events for next week:

Please expect to see more of your child's work and school supplies coming home starting next week.  We want to make sure that nobody leaves any work or supplies here at school, so we start early to make sure children don't have to carry it all home on the last day of school.

On Thursday, June 25th I’d like to have a breakfast party with the children to say ‘goodbye’.  Thanks to those parents who volunteered to bring in items for our breakfast/ brunch.  Thank you to the following parents who offered to send the following items in for us:

Juice and napkins: Hayden
Healthy Muffins: Macgregor
Fruit Plate: Marah
Cheese and Crackers: Reese
Vegetables and Dip: Lacey

On behalf of the class, thank you very much for offering to send some items in for our breakfast.  If other parents wish to send a treat or other item in, please feel free!  We are a class that LOVES to eat together!!

The Year End Assembly and slide show on Friday, June 26th begins at 10:00.  Our last day of school is Friday and students will be dismissed at 11:45am following the slideshow.
Please feel free to join us for the slideshow.  It is a fun celebration for all!

We have such wonderful and supportive parents at Mike Mountain Horse! I am so grateful for all the extra help and volunteer hours people have put in.  On behalf of the class and I, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!  It has been a fabulous year, and I can't believe it's almost over!
Raz-Kids -
I have been asked a few times, and I just wanted parents to know that students WILL have access to Raz-kids over the summer well as Mathletics.
Miss Lilley

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