Thursday, November 5, 2015

Hello Students and Parents!

Well we've been working up a sweat here in 2A!  If you were a fly on the wall, you would have seen a LOT of hard work happening in our class the past few months!  It's hard to believe that it's almost report card time again.  Wow!

Theobroma Cacao tree in Bali!  (Cacao = Chocolate!)

The grade two classes, and some grade 3s celebrated CHOCOLATE DAY last week.  All the children got to learn all about delicious chocolate.  The history of chocolate, where the ingredients are grown, and how chocolate is made.  It was fun to learn all about this magical tasting delicious treat that we all know and love! Yummy!

Here I am sharing my knowledge and love of CHOCOLATE!

We were treated to a VERY special live musical performance by Ryan Mennie of 94.1 FM.  We really enjoyed his spooky Halloween songs and his amazing pirate costume!  Thank you Mr. Mennie SO much for coming in and sharing your musical talent with us at MMH!

Parents, PLEASE visit the following link and sign up for a conference with me during one of the allotted days.....or contact me at if none of those times suit you so we can set something else up!  The school's number is 403-381-2211.

Find my teacher name: Miss Lilley (2A) and sign up for a time please.

Due to the conferences next week, as well as the Remembrance Day holiday, we will have NO SCHOOL on Wednesday, November 11th, Thursday 12th, or Friday 13th.

No spelling this week or next week due to the short weeks, however students can get a head start on the NEXT spelling list!  We will be studying the am word family:

Students may choose ANY 10 words from the list below as their spelling list words:

AM word family

bam, dam, ham, jam, ram, yam
clam, gram, scram, slam, swam, wham
camel, camera, champion, camp, cramp, damp, damage, 
diagram, exam, family, flamboyant, graham cracker, grammar, hammer, hamburger, lamp, lamb, mammal, milligram, ma'am, pajamas, ramp, sample, scramble, stampede, trampoline, trampled.

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