Wednesday, February 1, 2017

February Update!

100th Day!
Feb 10th (Friday) is our 100th Day!  Grade 1 and 2 students will be participating in 100 Day centres in the gym for the morning.  Thank you to the parents who have already volunteered to attend on this day and help with centres.  If you haven't volunteered, please email me or leave a note in your child's agenda.  Also, children are invited to "dress like they are 100" if they wish to.  (This is completely optional though.)

If you are a parent who would like to attend and volunteer, here is the schedule for the morning:

Two Rotations [9:00-9:45] [10:30-11:15]         Break [9:55-10:20]             Clean Up [11:15-11:30]  

February 13th - (Monday) Sweater Day!
Please remember to wear a sweater on this day as we will be turning the heat down on this day.  This is part of our PBL (Project Based Learning).  Our question that drives our project is "What can we do to help our Arctic Animals?'

On this day, we will be selling hot chocolate at a (minimum) $0.25 donation.  Students may bring money the week of February 6-10th, or on Monday 13th.  The hot chocolate will be delivered around lunch time on Monday, February 13th.

February 14 - (Tuesday) Valentine's Day
We will be having a Valentine's Day party in the afternoon. Thank you to the parents who already offered to bring snacks for our class party!   If your child wishes to make Valentines for other students, please remind them to make one for every one or none at all.  I don't want any children to feel left out.

February 15th - (Wednesday) Winter Walk Day - and Pink Shirt Day!
Dress Warm for a Winter Walk!  We will be outside for approximately 30 minutes!

February 16th - One School One Book Wrap Up
Today is the wrap of up our OSOB entitled "Crenshaw".  Parents always welcome!

February 17th - PD Day  - No school for students...and no school  until Monday, February 27th, due to the Family day holiday and February week break!
February 28th -Hot Lunch for grade 2!
If your child ordered hot lunch for this day, they will be receiving a hot lunch!

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