Friday, October 24, 2014

Miss Lilley's Star Students for 2014-2015:

Star of the Week on Fridays


Almost every Friday we will also be highlighting a student of the week.  We will do so on Fridays at 9:35 am.  Students are asked to bring a video/picture slideshow/powerpoint/etc. or a poster of pictures showing the class who they are and what they like to do.  Students can show pictures from birth to present, showcasing their milestones and favourite activities, families and friends.  They may also bring something to show and share on the day if they wish.  Parents are welcome to attend this, but shouldn’t feel obligated to be there.  I will help each student do their presentation and field any questions afterwards.  Students can also choose to bring  their favourite snack for the end of their Fun Friday.  Here are the dates for each Star Student:


October 3 -Janaye

October 10 -Nisarg

October 17 -Maisie

November 7 -River

November 28 -Aiden

December 5 -Reese

December 12 -Maron

January 9 -Macgregor

January 16 -Hayden

January 23 -Brooklyn

February 6 -Skye

February 27 -Seth

March 6 -Brienna

March 13 -Gavin

March 27 -Alyssa B

April 17 -Callie

May 1 -Thomas

May 15 -Brett

May 22 -Sophie

June 5 -Owen

June 12 -Lacey


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